Porcini Gnocchi With Butter Sauce Recipe

This gnocchi is inspired by a porcini mushroom pasta that Chef Stefano Secchi ate at Il Centro, a restaurant in Piedmont, Italy, where the misty forests are perfect for foraging. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to freshly-foraged porcinis, though: This recipe relies on easier-to-find dried mushrooms, which are ground into powder and mixed into the dough. For the best and lightest gnocchi, Secchi suggests using slightly older potatoes: “They have less moisture content, so you can add less flour and keep your gnocchi from getting gummy.” Roasting the potatoes on a wire rack allows steam to escape from every side. To form the gnocchi, look no further than your flatware drawer. “You can use a gnocchi board,” Secchi says, “but my nonna always used a fork.”


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