Make-Ahead Mushroom Rolls—NO Pastry Dough Involved | Shortcut Appetizer | Sara Moulton | Recipe

Chef and cookbook author Sara Moulton recently shared three things to do with that everyday staple that always seems to go bad sooner than we expect: bread. These buttery, crispy mushroom rolls are perfect for the pastry challenged—or for anyone who doesn’t feel he or she has the time to make homemade dough—because they use “homemade-style” white bread as a stand in for pastry. (“Homemade-style” white bread is a legit alternative to that no-flavor, no-texture stuff you can smush into a spitball.) Sara adapted the rolls from one of her aunt Jean’s recipes. They are really popular with her extended family, and we bet they will be with yours, too!

“Aunt Jean makes a batch of these rolls, lathers them up with a ton of melted butter, and then parks them in the freezer for future cocktail parties or unexpected last-minute guests. A fairly decadent appetizer—they look elegant and taste rich— These mushroom rolls don’t actually require much work.

Indeed, this bread-as-pastry concept works for virtually any stuffing, savory or sweet. Just remember that if the filling is too wet, it will sog up the bread. For example, if you’ve chosen something like mushrooms or apples as the stuffing, cook them first. The liquid will evaporate, and you’ll concentrate the flavor. I used regular old button mushrooms here, but you could get wild and go with any variety, from chantarelle to shiitake to portobello. (And maybe finish it off with some truffle oil, aka Mushroom Helper.” —Sara

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