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Fiscal Responsibility

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office law enforcement responsibilities include the Milwaukee County freeway system, the Milwaukee County Parks including the lakefront, General Mitchell International Airport, managing the Milwaukee County Jail, and providing security to the Milwaukee County Courts.  At one time, Milwaukee County had the largest Sheriff's Department in the State of Wisconsin, employing approximately 700 Sheriff's Deputies. Through budget cuts and poor command decisions regarding staff reduction, the agency has reduced the number of sworn personnel to approximately 230 deputies.  

The Sheriff’s Office needs to reevaluate its core functions and provide the necessary staffing to accomplish its goals.  As the Sheriff, I will provide the core services which we are obligated and should be providing the tax payers, provide appropriate staff to carry out the mission for the Office of the Sheriff eliminating unnecessary overtime, and eliminating the need to force deputies to work 16 hour shifts.

Keeping Deputies on the Highways

The Sheriff’s Office must have a proactive approach to patrolling Milwaukee County. It is absolutely essential that ethical, competent, and well trained law enforcement professionals respond to the needs of those we serve.  Traffic enforcement must be executed properly.  The Sheriff must provide an appropriate number of deputies to actively patrol the freeway system to control the high speeds and reckless driving. As the Sheriff, I will utilize all resources appropriately to make the Milwaukee County freeway system safer. 

Crime Fighting

Milwaukee County has 19 communities and 23 Law Enforcement agencies within. The Sheriff's Office needs to partner with the local municipal police departments and develop relationships in which the Sheriff will assist the municipal police departments with crime prevention and resolution in their communities.


It is imperative that the Sheriff’s Office employees receive training that provides the skills necessary for sworn and civilian staff to perform their job duties professionally and efficiently. Law Enforcement duties are perishable. Constant changes to legislation and court decisions affect case law. The sheriff’s office must provide the appropriate training so that all staff meets the mandated regulations set by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board for sworn and jail staff.  


As Sheriff, I will improve relationships with the local and surrounding municipal police department which have eroded in previous administrations. Communication and partnerships will be a high priority so that public service will not suffer.  Teamwork is essential for providing the best possible law enforcement services to the people of Milwaukee County.

Public Involvement

The partnership between the public and law enforcement is extremely important during the current times. The Sheriff's Office must implement programs and procedures that will enhance public involvement. The need to educate safety awareness including the prevention and suppression of criminal activity.  

Getting youth involved in law enforcement and taking ownership of their community is key.  As Sheriff, I will fully support the "Explorer" program to educate and recruit youth to familiarize them with the inner structure of the Sheriff's Office and introduce them to law enforcement.  Making the future generations take ownership of their role in society will improve the community as a whole.

As Sheriff, I will also explore the idea of offering a "Citizen's Police Academy" to educate and foster relationships with the public.

Citizens for Robert Ostrowski
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