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I am Robert Ostrowski, and I am running for Sheriff of Milwaukee County 2018. I  would like to ask for your support and vote in the fall primary on August 14, 2018. I have a vision of a sheriff's office that we can all be proud of, where morale is high and dedicated personnel strive to provide professional service.

The time has come for change. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office has to be fiscally responsible and accountable.  It's time to fulfill the needs of our community first.  I understand that the economy is tough, budgets are tight, however the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office must provide services to the community for which they pay for, expect, and deserve.

I have been a Deputy Sheriff at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office for 16 years.  As the former President of the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, I am aware of the issues within the agency with respect to staffing, overtime, working conditions, and morale.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is unique compared to all other sheriff’s offices in the state. All of the municipalities within Milwaukee County have a full-time police department. As the sheriff I want to partner with all of the Law Enforcement agencies in the county.  I do not want to duplicate any service provided by the local police departments. I want to work with the community leaders to assist and supplement in their community when needed. The goal is to be proactive and make Milwaukee County safe.

Acting Sheriff Schmidt has been the senior commander in charge of the daily operations of the agency since 2010.  It is time for him to take responsibility for the shortcomings of the agency.

Tell Acting Sheriff Schmidt that it is time to serve and protect,  not serve and collect.  Don’t give him the golden parachute hitting the $1 million dollar jackpot retirement club with his pension drop-back bonus.

Please join us on August 14, 2018  starting at 7:00PM for the campaign celebration party.  Classic Lanes 7501 S Howell Ave, Oak Creek, WI 53154 

Your Candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff,  Robert Ostrowsk. Help us build a better  Milwaukee County.



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