Earthy mushrooms pair well with asparagus and peas in simple pasta | Dining

By Lynda Balslev United Feature Syndicate

Morels, asparagus and peas team up in this quintessential springtime pasta dish. Earthy mushrooms marry well with early asparagus and sweet peas. Famously delicious in sauces, risottos and pasta, these ingredients require little else except a nap of cream and a sprinkling of cheese to bind them together, resulting in an easy yet elegant seasonal meal.

In this recipe, chicken stock joins in, adding flavor and lightening up the rich sauce. Blanched and peeled fava beans are equally delicious and can be substituted for the peas. If you are unable to find fresh morel mushrooms, which are fleeting and pricey, dried ones will do. Simply reconstitute the dried mushrooms in hot water for 15 minutes, then strain. Discard the soaking liquid. Alternatively, fresh button mushrooms work just fine, here, too.

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