Creamy Cashew Udon With Crispy Mushrooms Recipe

  • Ugh, this didn’t work and I was so disappointed. The cashew cream was just okay. And the black vinegar overpowered the sauce. The mushrooms got soggy when mixed in. I followed directions, underdid it even, but the udon were too soft. Adding enough water to smooth the cashew cream would have made it a sludge. I was so sad because the reviews made me so excited! But it just didn’t come together for me. If you make this, watch the udon. Don’t mix in the shrooms.

  • Wow! This was great. This was the first time I’ve ever used cashew cream and it didn’t disappoint her. Also I did it the way Natalie suggested.

  • This was delicious. I only used half the cashew cream and froze the rest. I’d recommend not mixing the noodles and cream into the fried mushrooms, but instead just mixing the cream, noodles and cooking water until you get the right consistency and serve the mushrooms on top.

  • Delicious. Used 1/2 of the cashew cream, that was plenty. Added some togarashi with the mushrooms. A little bit of spice was nice.

  • I was so looking forward to a mushroom-forward dish with an interesting sauce that I hadn’t even realized it was vegan until about half way through cooking! The chili-soy-sesame sauce is our new go-to dipping sauce for almost any Asian dishes, and the cashew cream has made me rethink a few other recipes in our regular rotation. While it’s been a while since I’ve needed a delicious beyond all reason vegan dish in my dinner party repertoire, this recipe has given me the excuse I needed to make some.plans.

  • This dish sounds incredible, however, for those of us that have nut allergies, what would be a good replacement for cashew cream?

  • This dish was amazing! The star of the show was definitely the black vinegar soy sauce concoction, I did end up my own black vinegar as I didn’t find any near me. I used one part fine balsamic vinegar, one part rice vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) and three parts water. The only thing I would do differently would be the plating. I wouldn’t stir the noodles into the mushroom and sauce, instead I would top the mushrooms over the noodles so that they keep their crisp, maybe add thin pieces of cucumber as well for a nice crunch. Love this recipe and will be adding to my rotation of dinners

  • Should I remove the stems of the mushrooms before I cook them? Or should I tear the whole mushroom into pieces?

  • Loved this restaurant quality dish. So glad I resisted the temptation to sub out the black vinegar – I’d never cooked with it before and I’ll be putting it on everything now.

  • I am vegan so maybe I’m a little cashew obsessed, but I didn’t find it too much at all. I maybe had a few tablespoons left over. That being said this recipe was DELICIOUS. My 3 year old told me I’m the best cooker ever. So thanks for making my night Bon apetit

  • This is rich and tasty. People keep saying that it’s too much cashew cream however the one recipe for the cashew cream is meant to be used in 3 dishes spread out over 3 evening meals. This one, the broccoli soup, and the salad with carrots. So given this I t is the right amount and why liquid from the noodles is saved and added if the cashew cream is too thick or it doesn’t appear to coat the noodles well. I used brown rice noodles in mine since my husband won’t eat wheat anything and they tasted very good. Rice noodles can be sticky so I had to make sure I didn’t overcook them. The spicy drizzle does add an interesting dimension. This was a hit and much better than an Alfredo or dairy type sauce which we would never eat due to fat and calories. I did add a bit of miso in the noodle liquid I used in my mixture which added a little extra flavor. I’ll make this again and love the vegan recipe.

  • The flavor is good, but other commenters are right, there’s too much cashew cream. The header text says the cashew cream can be used in other recipes, but this recipe doesn’t say how much of it to use on this dish. I used all of it, and while it wasn’t bad, it ended up being a much heavier meal than I think it’s meant to be. Definitely only use half or maybe even a third of the cashew cream!

  • Really great flavors in this dish! I love the mushrooms and the soy-vinegar sauce adds a welcome liveliness to the cashew cream. I found the cream to be heavy/too plentiful for the amount of noodles, so next time I’ll use half the amount and save the rest for something else.

  • I scaled this recipe down for just myself. Really really good recipe. Makes a lot of sense to pair the soy/vinegar with cashews instead of actual cream. I used thick udon noodles which I would recommend for this dish and it’ll absorb up all the cashew cream sauce. Make sure you have extra just in case. I’ll make something vegan once in a while and this really hit the mark. Mostly all clean and whole ingredients and very few needed. Great pantry pasta.

  • Surprisingly good. My husband and I don’t often eat vegan and this dish was really yummy. We had to sub dried udon noodles and roasted unsalted cashews based on what our store had available. It doesn’t taste like pure cashew which I thought it might, and the sauce + the dressing is a great combo. I also decreased the amount of sesame oil by half because I was worried it would be overpowering. If we made it again, we would find fresh udon and raw cashews and do it to recipe!

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