7 Must-Buy Mushrooms at Asian Grocery Stores

shiitake mushrooms

Photo: RR (Shutterstock)

Shiitake mushrooms are extremely flavorful and heavily savory, umami at its boldest. They are particularly meaty with a strong aftertaste, and are a delicious addition to stir fries, noodles, soups, and stews. Even by themselves, they taste great simply seasoned with salt and a touch of oil.

While shiitakes are available fresh, you can also find a wide variety of dehydrated shiitake mushrooms in the dry goods section. Once they’ve been soaked, you can use the mushrooms to flavor soup bases (including the soaking water, but be sure to filter out any grit). The stems can be woody and are generally not eaten, so just trim them off or pluck them out before cooking the caps.


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